Brad Pitt Goes on a Design Shopping Spree

Check out what he bought on a jaunt to Design Miami/Basel, one of the world’s fanciest design fairs.

Brad Pitt

Maybe the market for high-end, one-off design is tanking–but it’s certainly not Brad Pitt’s fault. The actor recently showed up at Design Miami/Basel, and laid out over a quarter million dollars on just a handful of pieces by contemporary designers.


It’s not a passing fad for Pitt: He’s a regular at art and design fairs, and he’s known as one of the world’s most serious collectors of contemporary design. Here’s what he bought, this time around.

Pitt has an prediliction for hip young stars (like himself, at one time). He bought all three pieces in the Evolution collection by Nacho Carbonell, who just recently finished design school in the Netherlands. Total cost: a shade under $119,000:


He wasn’t done with the Dutchmen. Pitt bought three pieces by Atelier Van Lieshout, a high-concept design outfit that relishes design subversion. Apprently, he bought the the grim looking Mini Capsule Hotel for $134,000, with plans to install it on his private beach in Santa Monica:


Also by the Atelier, Pitt bought the Fossil chaise lounge and the bronze Family Lamp, for $32,500 and $24,800, respectively:


All of which makes us realize: If you never thought contemporary design had anything to do with you, you’re actually supporting today’s avant-garde designers every time you see the new Pitt flick. Who knew?

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[Via The Art Newspaper; Image of Pitt by Maggiejumps]


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