Sleight-of-Hand for Font Freaks: Pick a Typeface, Any Typeface

A deck of cards becomes a giant typographic brain teaser.

typographic playing cards

Jim Sutherland, a designer at Hat-trick Design, must have either lots of time, or a massive brain. As a personal challenge, he designed a full deck of cards–and then, resolved to depict the suit of the card using only the face-value on it. Sounds confusing, but just check out the image above.


Here’s where the project tipped into OCD-land: All 52 cards and the two wilds were done in a different typeface:


Just an idea: You actually use this deck to turn poker into a geek-fest for type-nerds. For example, how about hands like a sans-serif flush, or aces full of swashes?

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You can actually buy the deck, or a poster of it. For more details on who to contact, hit up this post at The Strange Attractor.

[Via The Strange Attractor]


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