These Adidas Star Wars Kicks Are Kinda Genius

A month ago, we wrote about the new Star Wars–themed shoe line Adidas was creating for 2010. At the time, only teaser shots were available. But the full deets are out, and the results, against all expectations, are kind of awesome.


What’s particularly clever is how very subtle the Star Wars references are. Spotting these on the street, you’d never know they were themed cross-branding. But if someone told you what the visual inspiration was, you’d say “Ah-ha!”

Yoda’s shoes have that rugged, handmade look that’s oh so popular in the forbidding swamps of Dagobah:

adidas yoda

The X-wing shoes look exactly like what you’d be wearing to pilot one: Comfy, light, and a little bit weathered from running around the cargo hold screaming about the Empire:

adidas x-wing

The AT-AT shoes pick up lots of clever details from their inspiration–like the upraised, rounded joints and the ribbed tongue, that looks like the articulated neck joint of the AT-AT:

adidas at-at

My personal favorite, the Luke high tops. Remember that Rebel flight suit he wore? These match up perfectly, down to the white detailing at the ankle that echoes the white breathing apparatus, and the signature shade of burnt orange:

adidas luke skywalker

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