Pollution Dress Lights Up in Response to CO2–and It’s Pretty, Too!

climate dress front

Talk about eco-conscious fashion. The Climate Dress, from Danish design firm Diffus, features LED lights that glow in the presence of carbon dioxide.

climate dress embroid

The dress was introduced at the Bright Green expo earlier this month in Copenhagen, and features over 100 LED lights embedded into embroidery created with conductive thread. A microprocessor and CO2 sensor (here placed in the hair of the model, but could be kept anywhere in the room) allow the LEDs to visually convey the level of carbon dioxide in the space–slow pulsations when the levels are low, short and hectic when they’re high.

Working with the Danish School of Design, Swiss embroidery company Forster-Rohner, and Danish research company Alexandra Institute, Diffus used “soft circuits” to create the dress, which lends the piece its wearability. Diffus says the industrialization of the production process of soft circuits will offer more opportunities for the company to create intelligent textiles.

climate dress back

We’ve seen designers create LED-infused fashion before, but never in such a clever way. Back in 2007, Hussein Chalayan made an LED dress that was interesting to look at, but little more. Cute Circuit recently introduced its blinding 24,000 LED dress, and British designer Gareth Pugh recently created an OLED dress–beautiful but also completely impractical. The information aspect of the Climate Dress is what makes it stand out from the rest.

An added bonus? We’d actually want to wear this dress. This one, we would not.

[Diffus via Ecouterre]