A Peek Inside a Saudi Prince’s $485 Million Flying Palace

Steam room? Check. Concert hall? Check. Garage for Rolls? Check.

Custom Airbus A380

It’s a long flight from Saudi Arabia to Le Cap d’Antibes or Monaco or London–what’s a Saudi prince drowning in petro-dollars to do? Buy a custom flying palace naturally, so that no moment passes without the comforts of home.


Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud spent $485 million on the custom Airbus A380, with interior and amenities designed by British firm Design Q. Now, courtesy of the Daily Mail–which previously brought you a sneak peak at Obama’s limo–we’ve been treated to a tour of the prince’s flying mansion.

The plane usually seats 600, but lots of room had to be cleared for various perks. Naturally, there’s an on-board garage, so that the prince can be driven right to the threshold of of the airplane’s elevator. After arrival, he can retire to his master suite–one of five with king-size beds, and computer generated prayer mats which always face Mecca (one must always be humble); up to 20 extra-guests have to make due in sleepers that are the equivalent of first class.

But the real insanity begins elsewhere on the plane’s three floors: There’s a concert hall that seats ten and has a baby grand piano; a boardroom with a holographic projector; and a full-size steamroom. The most entertaining perk is a “Wellbeing Room” which has a floor upon which is projected an enormous image of what the plane is flying over–thus creating a “magic carpet” effect.

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