A Sink That Doubles as a Dishwasher


German designers Wach just unveiled a product concept that any small-apartment denizen will love: A sink that doubles as a dish washer. The piece is part of a show of work by young German designers, called DMY Berlin.


The so-called Colo system is exceedingly simple: After a meal, you load a tray with dirty dishes, then you plop that down into the sink. Above the sink there’s a hood which can then be lowered to create an enclosed washing chamber. After that’s done, you can pull the trays back out and hang them–they function as storage for the clean dishes.

Just a clever concept? Maybe. But a design like this really could work, if they nailed one important issue: The pressurization of the water, sprayed down upon the dishes. That’s a big reason why dish washers are far more water-efficient than hand washing–they make every single drop count. But the design does address one crucial source of water-waste: The hand pre-rinse that most people apply before running their dishwasher.  


If you speak German, you can read more about the concept here.

[Via DailyTonic]

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