Project FROG’s Green Modular School of the Future

frog zero classroom

Schools aren’t immune to rising energy prices, and like other organizations, they are increasingly seeking innovative designs to cut costs and save energy. Project FROG, a manufacturer of smart building systems, is helping The Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut become a leader in the green school space with a new Center for Science and Global Citizenship.

The 4,000 foot building is the first to utilize Project FROG’s FROG Zero classroom design–the company’s proprietary design for energy-efficient schools. Instead of building structures itself, Project FROG supplies the license for its design. Local companies produce the parts, and construction works simply snap them together (there aren’t any parts to cut or hammer). The FROG Zero design can be modified to make a building of any size.

FROG’s Watkinson project features a laundry list of energy-saving features, including 75% on-demand energy reduction, advanced climate controls, a living roof, a photovoltaic array and windows that let in abundant natural light. The center also conserves energy by conserving space–three flexible classrooms can be used for lectures, seminars, or lab instruction. As a result of these features, the building generates more energy than it needs.

Project FROG’s classroom design will soon be deployed to schools in Hawaii and California. The North Bay Children’s Center in Novato, California, ultimately plans to have a 15,000 square foot campus with 10 FROG buildings. FROG is focusing on schools for now, but keep an eye out for the company to expand into other green building markets.

[Project FROG]

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