A Brooklyn Design Star Comes of Age at ICFF 2009

At ICFF 2009, the famous young Brooklyn designer Jason Miller came into his own, departing from the ironic stance of his earlier works and producing a confident, handsome new line of work.


Perhaps no designer is as synonymous with Brooklyn’s recent design boom as Miller. Like many of his peers, he’s been obsessed with jokey, arch design, such as tables that came etched with found graffiti or a chair that looked as if messily repaired by duct tape. His most famous piece, of course, was an antler chandelier made of porcelain, which set off a long boom in antler furniture. But his new pieces are far more straight ahead, while betraying excellent craft–an in fact, Miller’s booth was painted with a telling declaration: Under New Management. Miller’s change, and the work of promising youngsters, bodes well for a design scene still trying to distinguish itself from a glut of European talent. Here’s Miller, explaining his newest lighting:

The lighting pieces were so new that press images weren’t yet available, so we snapped a couple shots of them:



One particularly fresh design was his Spiral Lounge, which harks to the swinging futurism that the legendary Joe Colombo made famous in the 1960s. This piece feels phenomenally soft, thanks to super-tough vinyl that was originally made for use on boats:


His subtly curved Tints table cast colored shadows on the ground below them:


More of his recent work. Here’s a credenza that was covered in lenticular holograms–the plastic prints that you might find on the hologram stickers you loved as a kid: 


Bath tiles in the shape of shipping containers: 


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