INTERVIEW PROJECT by David Lynch: A New Blueprint for Company Videos?

How would I describe myself?
What were my dreams as I child?
What am I most proud of?
What are my plans for the future?
How would I like to be remembered?
What is the most important thing in my life?
Do I have any regrets?
When did I first experience death?


On June 1, people all across America will share their answers to these questions when David Lynch’s new “Interview Project” debuts.

“Interview Project” features 121 interviews captured throughout America. One 20,000 mile road trip over 70 days. Each personal narrative is three-to-five minutes in length.

A new interview will be released every three days for the next year. You can read more about the series on

If the past year is any indication, it’s clear an enormous shift in video storytelling is occurring: personal narratives is one heck of a shortcut to create emotional connections with viewers.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be if organizations started incorporating short narratives into their internal and external communications strategies?

Organizations have databases for numbers. Why not a database of stories? Why not have a narrative “Story Center?”

Imagine a story center where short narratives like those in the “Interview Project” explored new ideas, concepts, values, challenges, community projects, etc with employees, potential recruits, shareholders, customers, etc.

Personally, I think we’re just beginning the journey.

What do you think?

Are we entering a period where video stories are playing a critical role in communicating? Will new video technology shape how organizations communicate, motivate, and inspire others?

Veteran corporate filmmaker Thomas Clifford helps Fortune 100’s to non-profits who are stuck, frustrated, losing employees or market share because they can’t breathe life into their brand story. He believes remarkable organizations deserve remarkable films.