ICFF 2010: Mio Designs Sustainable Rain Jackets From Tyvek, Pop-Up Bike Baskets, More

MIO unveils a line of simple, thoughtful products at ICFF 2010.

pop-up bike baskets

Super-expensive furniture usually dominates ICFF, but the cleverest stuff is often the most modest. MIO, a small company out of Philadelphia, focuses on sustainability, but their lighthearted designs don’t shout about it. Founded by two brothers, Jaime and Isaac Salm, the company produces refreshingly inexpensive wares.


Maybe their best new product was the Pop Up series, which comes as both a trashbin and a bike basket. It comes as a single sheet of metal. When you bring it home, you assemble it simply by stepping on the bottom, and pulling up the sides:

[video_twistage 1]

Their Loop Cut rain jackets are made of Tyvek–the stuff of soft FexEx envelopes. When new, they feel papery, but over time, they take on the feel of cotton. When you’ve gotten tired of the jacket and start looking for something new, there’s actually a prepaid envelope sewed into the lining, so that you can send it back to MIO for recycling:

Loop jacket

Their Bubble Dot laptop sleeves have a similar kind of genius as the jackets and the baskets: They require far less materials to make than those products typically do.

The sleeves are made simply of wool felt, studded with domes for protection. They’re tougher than they look, molded first with steam and then hardened using shellac–a technique that MIO’s designers learned from a local milliner.

MIO bubble dot

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