Sound Smart, Look Sharp

Two designers team up for neckties made of recycled cassette tapes–sounds like a sharp-looking idea.

sonic ties

Remember the days of cassette mix tapes? And remember when your own mix was like a personal soundtrack, or a piece of your soul?


Alyce Santoro remembers those days too. And using the actual magnetic tape from old cassettes, mixed with equal parts colored thread, she creates Sonic Fabric. Along with Julio Cesar, she’s created a Recycled Cassette Tape necktie. Since the tape itself is still magnetized, it actually emits audio when run under a tape-head. Granted, it’s doubtful that you ever will. But you can hear the effect here.

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(And if you’re still nostalgic for mixed tapes, check out Cassette from My Ex, a book that just came out last week which catalogues stories of mix-tape loves, and some of the songs therein.)

[Ties via Limited Hype]


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