Diablo III Gamers in an Uproar Over…Colors?

It’s easy to imagine interior designers getting testy over a color palette. But gamers? When the creators of the Diablo video game franchise tried to refresh the look and feel of the third incarnation of the dark fantasy role-playing game, fans flipped out. They charged the designers with being untrue to a game that’s about waging war on the “Lord of Terror.”

For their part, the developers of the game argued that “color is your friend” and that a richer palette would make gameplay clearer and more varied, while letting the lushness of the environment shine. What they produced was something that looks lifted directly from the Hudson River School:


The new look is similar to World of Warcraft, a blockbuster online role-playing game made by the same company. But a hard-core subset of Diablo fans wants nothing of it. They created an online petition to change the “cartoonish” palette and “outside scenarios with vivid colors, beautiful forests with colorful vegetation.” The petition got 53,000 signatures. Here is one fan’s illustration of the current Diablo III palette (top) and what he proposes:


There’s also been full-on mockery; some are sniggering that the game should be called “Diablo III: Of Unicorns and Rainbows.” They’ve produced satiric stills to underscore the point:


Unfortunately for them, it looks like the original palette will stay. But will this hubbub make game developers think twice before playing with the fairly formulaic look of most RPG games? Here’s to hoping that it won’t: The last thing RPG’s need are more uniformity.

[Via Colour Lovers]