Infographic of the Day: What’s the State of the Economy?

A cross-section of vital economic indicators, in one handy dashboard.


Russell Investments has created a handy dandy dashboard of the major economic indicators. Though it’s meant to help financial advisors talk to their clients, it’s pretty useful to anyone with even a passing interest in all the financial data that pundits are always droning on about.

Economy Infographic

The data basically paints a succinct picture of the story now being flogged by many economic observers: We seem to be pulling out of the recession, albeit in a very anemic fashion.

Many of the core indicators are fairly close to their historical averages–including inflation and consumer spending–and they’re trending positive. But on the other hand, employment growth is still negative and on the ropes. But most worryingly, there’s still a massive amount of mortgage delinquencies–hence some people’s fear of a double-dip recession.

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If you’re interested in learning more, each line of the dashboard is actually backed by historial data. Go nuts.

[Via Chartporn]

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