Milan 2010: Kartell Collaborates With Design All-Stars

Designs by Tokujin Yoshioka, Front, and Philippe Starck.

Kartell display booth

Fresh from the Milan Furniture Fair, Kartell, the Italian design firm specializing in high-end plastics, has send its new designs for 2010.


This year, the firm has tapped Tokujin Yoshioka as its main event. The Japanese master of minimalism created Kartell’s display booth (pictured above)–festooning the space with a lattice of plastic “snowflakes”:

star sticks

But in terms of things you can actually buy, Yoshioka also created the “Invisibles”: A line of tables and chairs made of crystal-clear plastic that virtually disappears:

Tokujin chair
Tokujin Invisible

Meanwhile, French designer Philippe Starck–who has created a number of Kartell’s best-selling designs–created a new line of outdoor chairs, with the rather creepy title, “Magic Hole.” Coming in a two-seater sofa, an armchair, and a dining chair, each one has a hollowed-out cavity that serves as a magazine holder and a dash of color:

Magic Hole

And last but not least, Swedish trio Front created a magazine rack that looks like pages in a magazine that you’re leafing through:

magazine holder


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