Fashion Even a Geek Could Love [pics]

Tech types rarely mingle in the world of high fashion; top-tier fashion designers usually pinch their noses at technology. But Hussein Chalayan manages to be equally celebrated by geeks and fashion mavens; he’s defined fashion’s avant garde in recent years, making technology a centerpiece for his designs. This week, the Design Musem in London opened a retrospective of Chalayan’s work that runs through May 17th. Here are some highlights:

This look, from Spring/Summer 2008, was studded with lasers, producing a roving light show as the model walked down the runway:


The clever Autumn/Winter 2000 show was massively influential. Chalayan, aiming his design at an idealized global nomad, produced a clothing line that doubled as furniture. Suitcases unfolded to become the supports for chairs; the skirt on the right collapses to become a table top:


These two looks from 2007: A spring-loaded dress (at left), unfurled like the petals of a flower when the model lifted her arms; a dress (at right) made of LEDs:


[Images copyright Hussein Chalayan, via Design Boom]