Tokyo Makes a Sun-Powered Bid for the 2016 Olympics

It’s about time the world’s largest sports festival caught up to the ecologically responsible times. This week, the president of the Tokyo 2016 Olympics bid team announced that the city’s proposed Olympic stadium will be the first to be entirely powered by solar energy–no small feat.


The world’s largest city is also promising the most compact Games planin history, with 97% of venues within an 8km radius of the OlympicStadium and Olympic Village located in the center of Tokyo. The bid also calls for the renovation of several existing sportingfacilities. It’s a smart way to reduce demand for new materials andstructures, which tend to have a negative effect on the ecosystem–andon the urban landcape once the Games are finished.


Tokyo’s contenders include Chicago, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro. Willthe city’s commitment to sustainability and thoughtful environmentalplanning give it an edge? We’ll know tomorrow, Friday, October 2nd,when the International Olympic Committee announces its decision inCopenhagen.


Click through for a detailed venue plan for Tokyo’s proposed Olympic Village.

Spotted on Inhabitat.