Infographic of the Day: Rethinking Cities with GOOD and IBM

Today in New York City, IBM is corralling great minds from public, private, and voluntary sectors to brainstorm ideas for building SmarterCities. IBM Chairman and CEO Samuel Palmisano will host the forum, a continuation of a program started in June in Berlin, that explores “new approaches to regional partnership, identifies roadblocks, evaluates frameworks for investment and reviews the tools that are helping our cities meet 21st century realities.”


In collaboration with IBM, GOOD magazine has created a series of fascinating infographics that highlight innovative infrastructure and technologies implemented in eight cities around the globe. Rethinking Cities profiles small achievements that have a big impact, like cameras that improve traffic flow in Singapore or a process that generates heat and electricity simultaneously in Chicago.


Heightened public safety via crime predication software in Richmond, Virginia. Launch full-screen infographic here.


Healthcare and government as seen in Salt Lake City, Utah. See full infographic here.


Novel water distribution program called Leakfrog, in London. View detailed infographic here.


Intelligent utility network in Copenhagen, Denmark. Zoom in on entire infographic here.

For more forward-thinking city news, visit GOOD’s blog.