Big Breakthroughs in the History of Toys for Girls

Big breakthroughs in the history of toys for girls.

1959: Barbie

The first adult doll focused on fashion was also one of the first toys to rely heavily on TV advertising.


1960: Chatty Cathy

This talking doll used a low-fidelity phonograph record to speak one of 11 phrases when the “chatty ring” on her back was pulled.

1986: American Girl

Blends historical-fiction storybooks with 18-inch character dolls and has grown to include boutiques, bistros, and live-theater shows.

2001: Bratz

Heavy makeup and provocative fashions, including fishnets and miniskirts, made the fashion doll contemporary — and controversial.

2009: Liv

The four high-school friends come decked out in fast fashion, with changeable wigs and bendable bodies.