Wallpaper Magazine’s Design Awards 2009

BMW Welt MŸnchen

What do Kanye West, French architect Jean Nouvel, and an Aussie product designer have in common? They were all judges for Wallpaper’s Design Awards 2009. The results were just posted. The winners include the new BMW museum in Munich, pictured above, that was whispered about in awed tones even before it was finished. Below, an elegant radiator that looks like a loosely coiled garden hose that tied for Best New Domestic Appliance:


And here, “Boomframe,” a concept for a high-rise window that folds out into a balcony, won Most Life-Enhancing Product (never mind that it’s probably cheaper just to build a balcony, or that few windows would be large enough to be retrofitted like this):


Stateside, a new restaurant in Boston designed by Office dA won Best New Restaurant:


In all, an interesting set of highlights, well worth checking out—for each of the 12 categories, the awards website even has a gallery of runners up.

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Cliff was director of product innovation at Fast Company, founding editor of Co.Design, and former design editor at both Fast Company and Wired.