Poetic Perspective on the Apple Tablet

Apple Tablet

It doesn’t take a linguist to know texts and tweets are changing the way we write. A 12-year-old’s grasped that concept. (The New York Times, meanwhile, is just catching on.) There’s a certain poetry–usually unintentional, though who knows?–to Twitter posts and blog comments, and maybe even some blog posts.

But poetry about blog posts?

Gary Snyder

On the eve of Apple’s big reveal, old-school beat poet Gary Snyder fired off this gem from his electricity-free cabin in the Sierras. Presumably he uses his Mac in an Internet cafe or something. Though I can’t say I’ve ever thought of my dinged-up Macbook as a “perched falcon,” there sure are days when I feel like all I do is toss it scraps.

Just a little perspective as we all brace ourselves for when Apple changes the world of words again.

An excerpt:

Why I Take Good Care of My Macintosh

“Because it leaps forward and backward, is an endless sniffer and searcher,

Because its keys click like hail on a boulder,

And it winks when it goes out,

And puts word-heaps in hoards for me, dozens of pockets of gold under boulders in streambeds, identical seedpods strong on a vine, or it stores bins of bolts;

And I lose them and find them,”

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