Age Distribution of People on the Web

Despite Privacy Concerns, 74% of people openly show their age on the web!


As a people search engine, Spock crawls and indexes millions of web documents and social network profiles everyday.

As a result, we end up gathering interesting demographic data aboutpeople.  For example, a vast majority of people who have a socialnetworking profile or web document about themselves on the web are 25or younger.  In addition, 74% openly show their age on social networks,blogs, and other social mediums.  Even with added privacy controls, avast majority of Internet users openly show their age.

Age Breakdown of People Who Have a Public Identity on the Web

25 or Younger: 37%

26 to 45: 23%

46 to 65: 8%

66 or older: 6%

No Age Listed: 26%

The above data is based on Spock crawling and analyzing over 600million social networking profiles and 2 billion web documents thatreference people (wikipedia, IMBD, corporate bio pages, etc).

Why are there so many documents and profiles on the web about peopleunder the age of 25? We call this the social network effect. Socialnetworks have a combined 600 million plus profiles, many of which areowned by people in college or high-school.

A common question asked is what happens to the age breakdown if youexclude the impact of social networks.  We compiled the table below,which breaks people out by segment.  Social Networking profiles arecompiled in the “normal people” segment.

Age Breakdown (by Segment) of People who have a public identity or document about them on the web.


Normal People

Famous People

Semi-Famous People


25 or Younger 38% 3% 1% 37%
26 to 45 23% 16% 2% 23%
46 to 65 7% 13% 3% 8%
66 or Older 5% 38% 6% 6%
No Age Listed 27% 30% 88% 26%

Examples of each segment: Normal PeopleFamous PeopleSemi-Famous People.

The data shows that people on social networks are more likely tohave an age associated with their webpage then web documents aboutfamous or semi-famous people.  In conclusion, it appears that whengiven the option, people are very likely to display their age on theweb.