The Season’s New Seats: Chairs to Nest In

It’s getting crisp outside, you’ve switched to Bordeaux or at least Pinot Noir, the 401(K) is steady but still a shade of its former self, and a night in with a movie sounds like just the ticket. Fall is the time to nest, and these five chairs offer sanctuary from the daily bustle. From the shapely felt Hush Chair to the quirky mohair-like pelt of the Ivy, this seating is equal parts chair and cocoon.

The Egg Chair, part of the Motley III Collection by Samuel Chan for Channels, has a scooped seat inside an ash egg-shaped frame.


The sexy yet soothing Hush Chair by Naughtone, which launched at 100% Design this week, is finished in snug felt.


Studio h220430 declares its Ivy Chair will “make you feel comfortable as if you were surrounded by trees and flowers.” From the look of it, that may not be a stretch.


De La Espada just introduced its Hug Lounge Sofa, built like an embrace with finishing details resembling a men’s suit–wool flannel, how dashing.


Design student Camilla Holverson‘s Drops Chair is like an inner tube wrapped in cushy knit scraps.