Makers of Hyper-Expensive Doodads Declare: Recession’s Over!

This week, the meme that’s been burning up the news wires is that the recession just might be ending. But go figure: The richies seem to have known things would brighten, well in advance. Exhibit A: After a brief period of low-key consumption and studious vows of austerity, the luxury market seems to be going totally nuts once again. Witness these products, which have all been reveal in recent days and weeks:


The Bugatti Veryon 16.4 Grant Sport, which hit the market last month, runs $2.1 million. It’s been billed as the last of its kind–a supercar, harking to the days of guilt-free gasoline, which can completely drain its 26-gallon gas tank in less than 15 minutes:

2006 Bugatti Veyron

Gaiser designs PC’s for that special computer-illiterate Russian oligarch in your life. They start at $7,820, but range up to $32,300 if you require more gold on a computer that will be outdated (and still kind of blah looking) in two year’s time:

gaiser luxury PC

Maybe the most ridiculous object we’ve seen comes from Jamie Hayon, a man who’s quickly installed himself as the court jester to rich design freaks. Next month, he’ll unveil a collection that includes this “Rocking Hotdog,” which manages to be both a hideously boring sculpture and a nearly functionless chair. No word on cost, but you can bet it’ll be somewhere in the tens of thousands, given that many of Hayon’s mass-production pieces go for $10,000:

American chateau room

Meanwhile, Confederate Motorcyles just went into product with its B120 Wraith, which is meant to look a bit like a motorcycle from the 1930’s. Actually, it’s kind of beautiful, in a “Look at that asshole on a custom motorcycle” way:


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[Via Wired, Born Rich, Dezeen, and MocoLoco, all of which have more pictures, you glutton]