Amazon’s Android App Reads Barcodes Too

Amazon released its Android shopping app with a little dose of that augmented reality goodness we’ve been talking about: Real-world barcode and CD/DVD cover recognition. It’s a question of clicking the shutter, then clicking “buy.”

Android shopping app

According to Amazon Mobile’s Sam Hall, “Customers have been requesting an Amazon shopping application on their Android devices and we are thrilled to bring them the Amazon App for Android.” But what really sets Amazon’s app apart, is the Amazon Remembers feature with barcode recognition. This is not some 1984-esque vault where Amazon tracks all of your purchases and search habits for its own nefarious purposes (that feature’s called something else). No, this is the sweet capability to snap a CD or DVD cover and now even a barcode with your Android phone’s camera, and have the app automatically identify a match for you in the Amazon store.

It’s a very low-level form of augmented reality, but it would come in handy if you wanted to do price comparisons while you’re in a bricks and mortar store, or if you’re at a friends home, for example, and see a book that you’d like to own yourself. Those are just two quick and dirty ways you could find the Remembers facility useful–I’m certain there are many more. The app also lets you see your Wish List, check out all the usual Amazon product description and reviews, of course, buy things.

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[Amazon via Slashgear]

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