Architecture Firm Specializes in Bespoke Treehouses

For prices starting around $13,000, Amazon Treehouses will design you a getaway in the boughs of your favorite tree.

Quick, what were your favorite scenes from The Lord of the Rings” The ones with the elves, in their treehouses” Us too! So we were especially delighted to find out, via Toxel, that if you want a bespoke treehouse that’s truly a house, there’s one English company that can readily oblige.


Amazon Treehouses was started in 2007 by Derek Saunderson, a builder who already had twenty years experience in designing custom arboreal getaways. Their projects range from around $13,500 all the way up to $85,000, and the process starts with choosing a tree–factoring in such things as proximity to electricity and running water, neighbors, and obstructions. Saunderson then designs the house to the particular shape of the tree, meaning that its natural form echoes in the architecture itself, from the support beams to the exterior shape. Here’s what you get at each price point:

For between £8,000-12,000, a fairly straightforward shed, lofted onto a treetrunk:


Kick in another £8,000, and the architectural detailing gets finer. You might even get a suspension bridge that leads to an Ewok-style platform:

riverside treehouse

Spend between £21,000-35,000, and you’re approaching the tree house version of a McMansion—with multiple large rooms, requiring their own forest of support beams:

highland treehouse

For upwards of £50,000, you get fantasy-land details worthy of Galadriel and Elrond, as in this cedar-shingled medieval confection:

Treehouse sunset

If you can’t afford any of these (and we can’t), maybe you can pick up a book: Amazon Treehouses has links to three good ones on their site.


[Amazon Treehouses via Toxel, which has its own set of images]

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