Infographic of the Day: Comparing the 100 Largest Sites on the Internet

What types of sites get the most traffic?

Top 100 Sites

If you took a guess at what sites get all the traffic online, you’d might guess that Google searches and social networking suck all our time online, and the rest goes to shopping. Actually, no.


To get a rough estimate of how the Internet is actually being used, the BBC charted the top 100 sites by unique users in January 2010, encompassing the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, U.S., and Australia.

There’s also a couple interesting breakdowns. For social networking, Facebook dominates–no other profile-driven site is even close:

social networks

And in shopping, the results are a lot more heterodox that you might think. Sure, eBay and Amazon comprise over 1/3 of traffic—but brick-and-mortar retailers Walmart, Target, and Best-Buy have a surprisingly large share of eyeballs:


This one graphic is actually part of a series being rolled out by the BBC, tracking the growth of the Internet. Like this and want more? The network has already posted a list of the richest Internet moguls, the accelerating broadband penetration around the world, and a slideshow about how the Internet actually works.


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