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35 Years Old | Male | Berkeley Grad | Tech Entrepreneur, Social-Gaming Pioneer | Palo Alto


When Facebook finally convinces you to play (fluff)Friends or try the Skies of Glory iPhone game when you should be filing TPS reports, thank Pishevar. He founded Social Gaming Network (SGN) in April 2008, seeming only the premise that we need another distraction in our lives. Strangely, however, his life is meticulously engineered for efficiency. He gave Fast Company a glimpse at his typical day.

It’s 7 a.m., what’s happening? Checking and responding to overnight latest emails on iPhone, checking Facebook and Twitter streams on iPhone using Facebook for iPhone and EchoFon apps. Checking latest AppStore rankings for Paid and Free Apps.

Twitter contributor or follower? I am more of a contributor (@shervin).


Favorite 140-word genius: @shitmydadsays

If my best friends were gear, they’d be: Dual desktop screens, one 30″, one MacBook Pro, tied together via switch. This allows me to have two to three Firefox windows open at the same time, each with about 10 tabs open and two other windows with productivity apps like Powerpoint, Word, or Excel. I also have Bose speakers tied to iTunes and/or Pandora.

Gadget both Dog The Bounty Hunter and I own: Bluetooth Sunglasses from Oakley.


If I were Batman, my utility belt would have: an iPhone, extra iPhone battery case, MacBook Pro, WiFi.

Obsessively stalking: a solar recharger.

Will Gladly Beta Test: teleportation, human cloning, time machine.


Until then, the alternative: I manage 100 people across offices in Palo Alto, Buenos Aires and Beijing; communicate with my teams with Skype Video or Google video throughout the day. For larger meetings (more than 2-3 team members) we connect via Lifesize Conferencing Systems with 50″ LCD and remote controlled higher quality camera (we installed this ourselves!).

Youtube or Hulu? Hulu

Most Visited Web site for Work: Facebook.


Most Visited Web site for Amusement: Reddit, Digg, Funnyordie.

I satisfy my content cravings: online. The vast majority is through Web and through books (via Kindle).

TV: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Newspapers: The New York Times, Washington Post
Magazines: Economist, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes (Ed. note: sorry hyperlinks are broken)
Radio (online or terrestrial): Pandora, NPR, BBC
Online: Google News (including Google News Alerts)


iPhone Apps most likely to get me into a traffic incident: Canabalt, F.A.S.T., Skies of Glory, Tap Tap Revenge, FlightTrack Pro, Echofon, Pandora

My job is unique because: Catching up on latest news on GigaOM, InsideSocialGames, Techcrunch, Techmeme, VentureBeat, and of course, Fast Company is all technically part of my work day.

Part of my job that’s hardest to explain to my grandparents: 3pm–speak at Virtual Goods Summit


Favorite place for real-time news updates: My family visits the office and we have dinner together. We do this once or twice a week. Usually order in from Jing Jing in Palo Alto.

Bedtime ritual: 9 p.m. Late night video chat with China office reviewing games progress and updates on iPhone launch in China.

Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is a technology entrepreneur, published researcher and technology incubation expert. Shervin has raised nearly $40m in venture funding for his start ups. Currently Shervin is the Founder and Exec Chairman of SGN, one of the leading social and mobile gaming companies, with over 11 million users on the iPhone with title such as iBowl, iBasketball, i(fluff)friends and most recently the hugely popular Agency Wars and tens of millions of users of SGN’s profitable games and applications on Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo. To date Shervin has raised a $15m Series A for SGN from such investors as Greylock Capital, Founders Fund, and Bezos Expeditions. Shervin has co-founded such companies as Hotprints to revolutionize the personal printing and direct marketing world and Hyperoffice, a leading Saas provider for small businesses.


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