Infographic of the Day: A Graphical Guide to GoogleSuggest


GoogleSuggest is a pretty astounding tool for capturing the zeitgeist, but turns it into interactive art.

Here’s how Simon Elvery, the site’s creator, explains it:

The suggested words appear in the order in which Google suggests themand are each connected by a line of varying thickness representing thenumber of search results you could expect if you did a Google search onthe phrases which that word, its predecessors and ancestors in the treewould create.

And here’s the lovely patterns he’s picked out:

There are some recurring themes which have emerged as I’ve beenplaying with the site during its creation. Among other things, it seemspeople do rather a lot of searching on the topics of music, religion and relationships.

Sometimes the results are sad, like the people searching for free ebooks on relationships for dummies, and sometimes hopeful like looking for love.

Health is also a recurring theme with the names of medicines, diseases and symptoms appearing over and over again.

Differences and similarities are often highlighted between males and females.

These would be hard to pick out–much less spot interrelations–without the Web site. Which is the calling card of any good infographic. Just perfect.

[Via Infosthetics]