You Can Now Get Pantone Mood Lighting In Your Car

Would you prefer Golden Insight, Orange Delight, or Dream Purple to soothe your road rage on the way to work?

You Can Now Get Pantone Mood Lighting In Your Car
[Image: courtesy Pantone]

The 2019 Kia K900 is a full-sized sedan stuffed with absurd luxuries. The driver’s seat has a 20-way power adjustment. A 9.7-inch touch screen sits in the dash, controlling a 900-watt, 17-speaker surround sound system. But the most premium touch may actually be the K900’s lighting. Inside the cab, 16 low-wattage LEDs are hidden in the speaker grills, seat backs, and floor consoles, creating a full Pantone-branded atmosphere of color that promises to not interfere with your ability to see the road.


[Photo: courtesy Pantone]
Using the touch screen, you can choose between 64 colors that light up the interior of your car. In practice, it looks a lot like a fully loaded Phillips Hue system, but it’s built right into your automobile instead of your living room. This isn’t just a color play, but a Pantone-branded color play. That means seven different hues were selected for all sorts of supposed psychological effects–which seem to range from scientific to astrological.

Who knows if the effects are real. But juxtaposed against the existential crisis of the everyday commuter, they’re really funny. Imagine for a moment that a semi just cut you off at 80 miles per hour. Your car trembles in its wake as you imagine what would have happened with just a foot less clearance. Meanwhile:

The Refreshing Ocean color was inspired by the blue sea. Imagine a feeling of stability and serenity when you are floating in the deep sea or on the water. I can feel the calmness that seems to be floating in the deep sea freely. Refreshing Ocean Color wanted to convey this feeling.

You’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic because you left 30 minutes late from work–when you were supposed to leave early for your child’s piano recital. You wonder if your kid is old enough to remember that you didn’t care enough to be there on time for the rest of his or her life.

Dream Purple was inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year, Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet. Violet is said to have the power to expand our consciousness and lead us to a higher level of knowledge. Experience a dreamy purple color that awakens creativity and intuition.

You fly by a cop going 10 miles per hour–fine, 15–above the limit.

The Blue Flight color was inspired by the blue sky. This fascinating deep blue color has a calmness and helps to relieve the burden and tension in busy everyday life.

Someone rolls down their window and throws a rock at your car. Because screw your sedan.


Peaceful forest was inspired by the forest. How do you feel when you enter a dense forest off the city? In a forest full of greenery, we experience a recharging of the body’s lost balance and energy. Peaceful Forrest Colors wanted to deliver comfort as if resting in the woods.

It dawns on you that your car now has that smell. You know, that smell–the mix of mildew, old McDonald’s bags, and butt sweat. And that smell will be the olfactory equivalent to the soundtrack of your adventures in this vehicle here on out.

Aurora violet was inspired by the aurora that shines in the night sky. The soft violet color conveys a feeling of being in a happy and pleasant atmosphere. If you experience violet color in stressful daily life, can you feel positive attitude and warm sensitivity?

You’re doing a quick mental budget for the month. $2,800 for the mortgage. $450 for the car payment. $2,600 on the credit card. That’s when a tightness fills your chest. Wait, are you going to be short this month?

Orange Delight is the color of the Earth’s energy. The orange color symbolizes energy and power. It is a color that awakens the vitality inside us and infuses confidence and courage. If you need to recharge your exhausted everyday energy, try Orange Delight color.

Is this what you really wanted to do in life? Spend an hour on the way to work. An hour back. Eat dinner. Watch Riverdale. Go to bed? Repeat.

Golden Insight was inspired by the sun. It is full of vitality and clarity, delivering hope, happiness, and pleasurable pleasure. It will help us to awaken our curiosity and gain new attitudes and insights into our lives.

Maybe the moral of the story is this: Who knows if these new Pantone car lights will work to calm our stressed-out psyches. But it certainly can’t hurt to try.

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