The World’s First Moving (Not Just Rotating!) Building

An 80-storey (420-metre tall) moving building is slated to be built in Dubai, with apartments that will spin 360 degrees at voice command, according to the BBC.

Talk about innovative… 79 horizontally placed wind turbines located between each floor, producing enough energy to make the building self-sufficient, will fuel the apartments’ motion.

“Sky scrapers suffer a lot from the wind and I say why don’t we use the wind, why don’t we use nature for our benefit instead of fighting nature,” says its architect, Dan Fisher. “This building never looks the same, not once in a lifetime… (It is) designed by time, shaped by life.”

The skyscraper, which is expected to cost $700 million, will be ready in 2010. “It couldn’t be more green than this,” says Fisher. This will be his first skyscraper.SC