A Notebook For The Multi-Tasking Generation

Get rid of the apps and Post-its–and try this analog method for organizing your thoughts.


There are as many note-taking systems as there are note takers, but one has proven especially popular with designers and creatives: the Action Method, which was developed by the creative network Behance in 2008.


Every page of the company’s Action Book, a notebook produced by the company Ghostly based on the method, is split into four categories: action steps, focus points, back burner, and general notations. These are designed to turn a tangle of tasks into an organized set of directions on the fly.

The notebook has become increasingly popular over the past decade–and now, Ghostly is launching it in a simpler, more minimal edition. The Reduced Action Book is monochromatic, branding-free take on the original, colorful notebook.

[Photo: courtesy Action Method]
“The Action Method notebook has been a staple of creative work for nearly a decade now,” Ghostly founder Sam Valenti says. “Now that the form and function have been defined, we wanted to see how far the design could be reduced while maintaining what is exceptional about the product: the materials and their intention.”

Less noise, more organization, better ideas? With this notebook, that’s the argument. Find the Reduced Action Book on for $16.


About the author

Diana Budds is a New York–based writer covering design and the built environment.