This Airbnb For Great Architecture Is Curated By Two Architects

Plan your next trip around a modern dream home.


Most of us can only dream of owning a home designed by a famous architect, but a new website called Plans Matter wants to make living in them more accessible—at least for a night or two.


Launched in October 2016, Plans Matter is a vacation rental service that only lists modern houses designed by well-respected architects–think Olson Kundig, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Rudolph Schindler. The service has exclusive listings that the site manages for a fee, but also aggregates the majority of the listings from third-party sites, like Airbnb. Instead of hunting through dozens of websites to find a house with a certain aesthetic, travelers can let Plans Matter do the heavy lifting for them.

The founders of the site, Connie Lindor and Scott Muellner, are both architects–and in developing Plans Matter, created a site that they wanted to use, but that didn’t exist.

[Screenshot: PlansMatter]
“When we plan our travel, we search for places to stay that are well designed and authentic,” the couple writes on its site. “Places that will elevate our experience beyond keeping us warm and dry. Places that have architectural intention and a story to tell. Our goal is to make these places easily available for people to experience on their own.”

Most of the listings are in the United States and Canada, but there are a few in Austria, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Sri Lanka. Plans Matter includes the history of the home, the architect who designed it, the available amenities, and activities you can do in the property’s general vicinity. Each listing also has a “host note,” where the owner answers questions about why they decided to commission the home, why they chose their architect, and other details–in their own handwriting.

The houses themselves range from experimental desert prefabs to lakefront cabins and micro-units. What more could an architecturally minded tourist ask for? Besides, perhaps, the deed.

About the author

Diana Budds is a New York–based writer covering design and the built environment.