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The newest addition to Nokia's [NYSE: NOK] N-series, the N78, is now available for purchase at Nokia's flagship stores in New York and Chicago. The candybar device sports HSDPA connecticity and a 3.2-megapixel camera, along with assisted GPS — the same technology to be featured in the iPhone 3G, which uses cell tower and WiFi network data to assist a satellite GPS transponder in finding a given phone's location. Online retailers will also be getting the phone this week; the street price looks to be about $560.

The N78 was first announced at Mobile World Congress '08 as the "entry-level" version of the N-series; that said, Nokia's N-phones are advanced enough that this new, basic N78 is light-years ahead of most entry-level phones on the market. Its hardware spec is less formidable than its bigger siblings, with less out-of-the-box memory, a smaller screen, and less camera resolution. But the device still makes use of the same operating system, so it shouldn't leave aspiring N95 users wanting.

The N78 arrives as a successor to the N73, which was one of the best selling phones in the N-series history, partly due to its value-oriented price and partially because of its smart design. Whether the N78 can replicate that success among mid-market buyers remains to be seen, but early impressions have been favorable.