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According to the often-reliable rumor mill the Boy Genius Report, Motorola [NYSE: MOT] is staking its future on the success of one single new phone. If that phone doesn't succeed wildly, BGR reports, Motorola will put itself up for sale.

The phone, code named "Dark Project," reportedly features an 8-megapixel camera, an NVIDIA-sourced chipset for video and 3D graphics, integrated GPS, and UIQ 4.0 (or higher) operating system. There are also rumors that the device will sport a touchscreen, but that information seems less certain than the other specs. The release date for Motorola's "last stand" phone is reportedly October, so consumers could see Moto up for sale by the new year.

Why Motorola hasn't simply decided to release a string of improved phones over several intervals of time — instead of a dramatic last-ditch effort — is anyone's guess, but ever since the Razr took the mobile phone world by storm, Motorola has been struggling to recapture the glory of its one hit wonder. However, October is a long way off, and companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson have already announced phones with comparable (or better) specs in the pipe, to be released before autumn. If Motorola is going to have a fighting chance, it's going to rest on their user interface, which has historically irked consumers and tech reviewers alike.