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Apple would have consumers believe that the iPhone should act as a phone and iPod replacement, but JVC [NYSE: MC] has widely picked up on the fact that there are plenty of Apple buyers out there with more than one i-device. For those folks who want to charge and display two of 'em at once, JVC has announced the $150 NX-PN7, which is essentially an iPod dock speaker system with two docks. It also features an AM/FM radio, alarm clock, timer and video out port. To add a bit of flare to the system, JVC has included two strips of colored LED lighting below each dock, which users can set at any of nine different colors of their choosing.

For as useful as a dual-dock radio might be, the NX-PN7 has two glaring omissions: a full-featured screen and a remote control. The device's screen is a simple digital alarm clock face, when for $150, it really should include a more complex display that can at least show artist and track title, if not cover art too. JVC also makes no mention of a remote control, which would be fine — if the company could figure out how to make the NX-PN7 compatible with the Apple remote. For $150, that doesn't seem like too much to ask.