The Challenge Of Spreading A New Idea

1. Success: Cloverfield
Breakthrough: Blockbuster event movie shot in digital video
Message: Godzilla meets Blair Witch
Upshot: The film has grossed about $168 million worldwide on a $25 million budget.

2. Jury’s Out: Chumby
Breakthrough: Alarm clock that’s customizable with Internet content
Message: Wake up to your Internet life
Upshot: Are Web widgets a cool-enough twist to justify $180 for an alarm clock?

3. Success: Nintendo Wii
Breakthrough: Interactive games played with a motion-sensor-detection controller
Message: Social gaming for the family
Upshot: The Wii is a cultural phenom because it’s rooted in video-game traditions but adds the irresistible hook of actual physical activity.

4. Jury’s Out: Borders Concept Stores
Breakthrough: A retail environment that guides Luddites into the digital age
Message: Books plus a helping hand into MP3s, digital photo albums, etc.
Upshot: Borders hasn’t nailed why its new stores should be destination-worthy.