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Apparently content to leave US buyers wanting, Asus [TPE: 2357] has started shipping its powerful gaming notebook in the UK. The G70 is a 17-inch beast of a machine, featuring a WUXGA/WXGA+ panel that is ultra-wide and optimized for watching Blu-Ray video. It also features a Core 2 Extreme chip, two (yes — two) GeForce 8700M GT graphics cards, a rather measly 1GB of RAM and an optional Blu-Ray writer. In addition, there are the usual specs: gigabit ethernet, Bluetooth/WiFi and a bunch of LED lights that look fancy and high-tech. The UK price is rumored to be around 2,000 pounds sterling (or about $4,000 USD), but Asus isn't telling when the G70 will arrive on this side of the Atlantic.

The Asus machine, with its brushed alumium exterior and blue LED lights, smacks a bit of Alienware's design aesthetic, perhaps on purpose; if Asus can inculcate itself into the gaming PC industry and undercut the price structure of Dell's gaming brand, they have a fighting chance at excelling in a new and lucrative niche. If a little bit of brand confusion is their strategy to do so, they're certainly doing it right.