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Competence of the Human Resource Profession

I just read about the results of an interesting new study, “State of the Global Talent Nation”, conducted by Softscape. 94% of the 250 human resource professionals surveyed say they “don’t feel their personnel are adequately prepared to meet future company goals”. And that is 30 percent worse than three years ago. What’s even more disturbing? More than half of them say the big reason this is so is they are not confident that their business effectively manages human resource processes.

Wait a minute. The people responsible for human resources, aren’t confident that their business is effectively managing human resource processes? And that is resulting in their workforce not being properly prepared to meet future company goals? Are these HR professionals competent? Are they not getting the support and resources they need from the CEO? Of course, one measure of their competence should be their ability to get that support.

Maybe what we really need is a different kind of study; one that would figure out what’s really going on here.

Jim Bolt, Chairman, Executive Development Associates * * www.executivedevelopment.comJB