Welcome to Fast Company Buzz – Building the Hive

Welcome to the launch of Fast Company Buzz where you’ll find out what’s new, what’s hot, who’s doing what, and what’s working in the tech industry. Up until now, industry blogs have fallen into three categories: 1. Vanity blogs that were little more than desperate pleas for attention filled with mindless notes about the author’s life. 2. Geek blogs that focused on overly technical matters like the launch of somebody’s new network architecture, and 3. Mainstream news blogs that primarily repeated technology news from CNN.

Fast Company Buzz won’t do any of this. FC Buzz is about bringing you the latest ideas, rumors, and thought provoking buzzworthy discussions from the people and companies that are building the technology and tech/media industries. Instead of focusing on the intricacies of someone’s new SDK or reprinting mainstream Google vs. Microsoft news, I tap into VC’s, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and even Wall Street fund managers to find out who’s doing what, what’s working, and which direction the business winds are blowing. Best of all, I hope you’ll be part of the buzz by sending in scoops from the real world where all of you work everyday.

In our Mashed up, Wiki, Web 2.0 blogosphere knowledge flows both up and down, so if you or your company are breaking new ground in the technology or tech/media industry, or you just have a scoop that people might want to know about. Send it to me at If it’s relevant and buzzworthy, I’ll put it out there for the world to read. Join the hive, be part of the buzz, and get the inside scoop on what other people won’t talk about.


Francisco DaoFD