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Writers of the Round Table Inc develops manuscripts with clients who are looking to engage the world in a massive conversation. What we do is work with a client to 1) Organically define the message; 2) Build the Vision; and 3) Create the delivery vehicle for the conversation. Our company principals have defined our process over more than a decade, building stories in film and now in manuscripts. What is unique about our company is that we only use story to engage readers in the higher level conversations our clients are looking to pioneer.

When a client comes to us, they have an idea of their message; what we refer to as the dream. What we bring to the table is story structure, character development, an aggressive process on a definitive timeline, and a team of writers, editors, story mentors, designers and others who surround each single client to draw forth from them their dream and capture the essence of it in a story that allows readers the intimate opportunity to be drawn into the world of the client and their message.