Taking on the Samsung Instinct

For the last few days I have been trying out Samsung’s new phone, the Instinct. With a touch screen and a similar design, the comparison with the iPhone is unavoidable. So what do I think about it? While it isn’t perfect, I am glad that Samung is taking on Apple.

What did I like? The screen is sharp and colorful. I also like the widescreen ratio of it. That wide form includes the phone’s shape itself and I think I prefer that to the shape of the iPhone. The phone has some good live media — both the radio stations streaming music and the video player streaming cable channels.

But, there were things that turned me off. The interface for the phone is a bit clunky and only provided an adequate experience. Besides being somewhat clumsy, the interface was also slow to react. This shortcoming was most noticeable in the browser. I hated it — but maybe that is just me. But for me, the browser is the most important part of a smartphone. I will not buy the Instinct and recommend you try it out before getting one yourself.

Yet, I still want to applaud Samsung for creating the phone. Apple is considered the end-all-be-all of UI and UE in smartphones. Other companies need to challenge them, try to go further than Apple will go. Did Samsung get it right this time? Not quite. Could the Instinct receive software updates and get closer? Yes. Could the Instinct II wind up being better than the iPhone? Of course. Either way, I am looking forward to the next demo.KO