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Come Dream With Me

Come Dream With Me

by Eva Silva Travers, Director of All Things Creative, Writers of the Round Table Inc.

I recently participated in a Dreaming Room weekend workshop with Mr. Michael Gerber, best-selling author of the E-Myth books. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Gerber, his inspirational message and his motivating paradigm, he is an entrepreneurial genius. In fact, the "E" in E-Myth stands for Entrepreneurial. Now, before you go and assume that the Dreaming Room is a how-to-intensive-immersion-course from which you emerge with all of the proscriptive, objective tools and a how-to manual to go and build yourself a business, think again. Let’s just say the Dreaming Room is aptly named.

Midway through the first night, me and the 25 or so other people in the room were all listening to Mr. Gerber with rapt attention. And most of us were probably wondering what the heck we were going to do with the pads of blank paper and assorted colored pens before each of us. Well, Gerber suddenly told us to go to the first page and start to dream. He advised us not to talk to one another, said he’d be back in 20 minutes and quietly left the room. I glanced sideways at my neighbors, picked out a green pen, and then sat there for 5 minutes with nothing but this doodle that I’ve done for 20 years running through my brain. Long story short, the picture posted here is what I ended up with. The leaves on the flower represent the elements essential to the development of any creative project: intuition, focus, intention, voice, creation, and empathy. At the center of it all is heart…because without it, our work has no proper foundation. The people grasping for the individual petals have the right idea, but don’t yet see the bigger picture and what it has to offer. That is, they don’t see the beautiful flower…just its individual elements. The hand from which the flower grows also supports those individual people. And the roots from which the flower grows come from the mindset of ABUNDANCE.