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Hanh mitakuyapi.  I got an email from a (male) friend the other day with this thought in it:

You powerful women should live so that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says, "Oh shit!  She's awake!"  What a thought! Pro - found!!  I hand-paint thoughts on t-shirts, and this - or some more-Traditional version of it - is going to be the latest one. 

I know - some people will complain about one word, but (a) it fits, (b) it's in the dictionary, (c) it's a Constitutionally-protected form of speech, and (d) you aren't supposed to like it - that's why we have such words!  (Duh-uh.... No one ever seems to 'get' that. I can't figure out why unless it's simply 'lazy mind' syndrome.)

He was thinking about women as being powerful when he sent that, but it strikes chord in me as "advice to live by in general".

What brings all this to this blog is that this morning there was something on NPR about Wi-fi security and encryption of emails.  Seems it is 'easier than child's play' to snag things out of the air with the proper software.  Seems also that most people haven't realized that this is so, and they put things in their emails that maybe don't belong in public view - and then they scream like scalded cats when their 'privacy' isn't respected.

Takoszja, my unchi - grandmothers - taught me, "The walls of the tipi are thin. If you want to keep a secret, keep it!" 

Therefore, if you want to email purple-passion prose (or poetry) to someone, either don't, or encrypt it.  If you have a taboo habit, such as drugs or thieving, the same is true.  Maybe it's your banking information and even if there's nothing 'dark' in it, it's yours and you want to keep it that way.  Maybe if your emails refer to your lifestyle, be a radical and live a life such that you don't have any deep dark secrets to sweat. Personally, I figure I have enough trouble trying to get into my life that I don't have to do anything dumb to help it.  Thus, I don't drink or do drugs, or hang out with people who do, or enable unproductive behaviors. And believe me, I live in a world of controversy anyway.  Maybe it's just me n my life..  Whatever.. 

I was 'gone over with a fine-tooth comb" by crooked FBIs in 1994, who were trying to find some dirt on me so they could discredit me and Traditionalism.  I'm known for no patience with missionaries or any attempts to get rid of Indigenous Traditionalism, and a very hard line attitude about them. 

The Feeb snarled at me, "We went over you with a fine-tooth comb, and do you know what we found?!?"  ( I thought, "fairy tales, probably'...  He snarled, "Nothing!!  You're so clean it's disgusting!  Haven't you ever done anything but work?!?"  Being me, I replied, "Why are you so upset, FBI?  Are you afraid your comb is missing some teeth?  It's your comb.."

He didn't like that - pulled his handgun and cocked it and pointed it at me with his finger on the trigger and the safety off and snarled, "I could kill you right now and no one would even twitch!"  I disagreed, saying, "Oh, they'd twitch, FBI.  They likely wouldn't do anything, but they'd twitch - about a foot above their chairs." 

We stared at each other for a minute or two, then he snarled that I 'couldn't' be Traditional or have the kind and depth of faith I do "because it gives The People (i.e., us ITI / Indns) hope, and that's not allowed by the program!"  (Yes, takoszja, there really is 'a program'.  It has existed since 1856, was started on the Pine Ridge Reservation where this exchange took place, and still exists on the books as law in the "policies and procedures" section of the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs or Boss Indns Around, depending on your perspective.  So don't wonder why we ITI have never gotten an official apology from the U.S. government for the holocaust that surrounds our history since 1500 or so.)

I told him that his complaint and attempt at intimidation weren't about me so much as about faith in the Holy Pipe and Its Ways.  That being the case, I told him "Let's find out.  Pull the trigger.  I figure one of four things will happen - the gun may go off and you may kill me, which will prove not that you have power over me or the Holy Pipe, but that Tunkashila truly works in mysterious ways, by using you as the means by which I am called home to the Spirit World; or, the gun may go off, but I won't be seriously hurt; or, the gun won't go off; or, the gun may blow up in your hand, leaving me maybe minorly injured, but you will be missing a hand."  Then I sat and waited while we looked at each other and he thought this over.  This was truly in the hands of the Holy Pipe and the spirits that attend It, and Tunkashila, as far as I was concerned. 

After a minute or two, his hand began to shake, he took his finger off the trigger, and he put the gun on the desk.  Then he said, "with faith like that, we're doomed".  My reply was, "It's what I pray for, FBI.."  An answer he hated and probably still does. 

Later, after my man who was a Rez cop was murdered, I said to someone, "Why him and not me?  Why?!?"  Our brother-friend replied, "Because heaven doesn't need you, and hell's afraid you'll take over and fix it."

Not to preach - that's not our Way - I may not have completely achieved the sentiment expressed in my friend's email, but I'm working on it, and I think it's good advice for any one - male or female - who wants to make a difference while they're here on the earth.  And while you're doing it, think of all the fun you'll have making the devil nervous.  Isn't that called "giving the devil his due"?  We can hope and pray.