Head Firmly in the Sand: Carbon Belch Day

Need an example of head-in-the-sand behavior!  June 12, I found out on the radio tonight, was Carbon Belch Day:

Proud of their antisocial tendencies, these yo-yos wanted to be as
environmentally destructive as possible that day, asking people to unleash their maximum carbon footprint in order to

oppose U.S. participation in the Kyoto treaty or any
such successor agreement, mandatory domestic limits on CO2, and any
federal or state carbon “tax” or “cap-and-trade” system — including the
current Lieberman-Warner bill.

One could make a good case for opposing Lieberman-Warner on the
gorunds that its cap-and-trade system is essentially a giveaway to
polluters–but that’snot the argument being made here.

What’s next: Celebrate Racism Day with the KKK?