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With my home base in the Midwest, I have had the privilege of working with local businesses with a few employees, and multi-billion dollar corporations.  One day I can be traveling overseas and the next day I can be meeting with a local family owned company.  There is a lot that I have learned working and developing ideas in both areas.  The most compelling difference can be witnessed in the mind of the client.

I have had business owners literally go bananas over an innovative and fresh idea that is a one-of-a-kind solution to a communications problem, and then balk at moving forward.  I go back to my office after these occasions for my typical post mortem on the call, and wonder.... Did I go too far?

It seems as if the global mindset, that is truly relevant for mom and pop businesses, is almost too much to believe in a down economy with high gas prices, and plenty of "woe is me," to focus attention on.  While the corporations absorb the ideas and take definitive action.  "Let's move on this... NOW!"  Those are my marching orders.  So when folks are interested in the success our company has had working with large clients, it's the small businesses that provide the biggest challenges for me.  Those are where the hardest battles are fought to get an idea into the marketplace for our clients.Most think about incremental change, and have been conditioned to expect less.  Jaded by past marketing firms that have failed to deliver. 

I like to think about how we can take over the universe, and then work backward from there with our idea.  Local businesses can leverage so much against box stores and large competitors, but instead look to the past to set benchmarks for the future.A paradigm shift needs to take place in the blue collar manufacturing based cities throughout the United States.  A paradigm that embraces the power of thinking huge, and taking on the world with a relevant idea.