Should You Scale Back Marketing in a Downturn?

Wall St. Journal’s Kelly Spors interviewed Stefan Tornquist of MarketingSherpa in a timely article, “Don’t
Back Down: Thinking of cutting your marketing efforts? One expert
argues that a faltering economy is a great excuse to expand them

said that one trend is for companies to shift their marketing spend,
“taking traditional advertising and direct-marketing campaigns and
putting it online.”

This will exacerbate traditional print
media’s problems, by the way, unless traditional media can come up with
a way to be more flexible, more measurable, and more valuable. Cutting
staff and sections — which the major chains are doing — does not seem
to address the fundamental problems, a point that’s been a recent theme
of this blog.

Tornquist also makes the point for some patience:
“There’s something about the Internet’s effect on advertising” — read:
marketing and PR — “if you don’t get something immediately, you assume
it’s not working. What we lose sight of it that brand activity makes us
trust a company and buy when we see their ad later on. One of the
greatest challenges for small companies is to make a name for
themselves, and a downturn actually provides an opportunity to do that
because it tends to suppress the branding activity. There’s absolutely
the opportunity to leapfrog competitors, especially if the local leader
is using the downturn to curtail their (marketing) activities.”

see the same issues in PR, especially those clients who could make an
impact in the online world, but want instant success. One thing I’ve
learned is that you have to make a commitment to an online program; you
can’t helicopter in and expect to be part of the fabric and

Check out the entire interview.