Socially Responsible Business Tip: Scuppie Marketing

Are you marketing to Scuppies?

The conscious consumer (a consumer actively concerned about the environment and social justice) is one of the fastest growing consumer markets, remarkably gaining a foothold in almost every socio/economic demographic in the developed world.

Capturing the attention of this market requires integrity and substance, to gain a Return On Investment that can be significant.

Scuppies are a segment of the conscious consumer market. Self proclaimed Scuppie Chuck Failla defines the segment as:

SCUP•PIE /skәp•e/ n. Socially Conscious Upwardly-mobile Person

To learn more about this market segment, (so you can market to them,) and find interesting details like Scuppie Beliefs, The Scuppie Manifesto, and The Scuppie Handbook to be released later this year, visit Chuck Failla’s Scuppie web site.

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—– Kellee K. Sikes, serving social entrepreneurs and social enterprise
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