Nonsense At Work

The parking lot as measure of performance

Why do some executives prize an office that over-looks the parking lot? Some simply want to know when it’s time to go home.

I recently sat in on a discussion about a junior executive. One senior executive complained that although his own car was always one of the last three remaining at night, junior’s car was always long gone. Excuse me? That’s a measure of performance?

Answer this and then decide: Do you feel obliged to create the impression that you work hard (for example, by arriving early and leaving late)?

Now answer this one: Do your colleagues reward those who work hard, while suspecting those who work smart of being lazy?

Oh when, oh when will organizations stop rewarding people for their physical presence and reward them instead for their contributions!

Here’s when: when we finally shrug off the management practices that were developed during the industrial revolution… long before the parking lot was created.JM