The Leading Edge – Visionary vs. Implementer “Not Good Enough” Syndrome

As I have been speaking with CEO’s I know, I have been noticing a phenomena.

Some CEO’s who did not create/invent the core service or product that their company is based on feel that they are not the real deal. They just took something that was already there and made it work better and be more profitable. They have what I call “visionary” envy.

On the other hand some founders/creators/inventors who created an incredible service or product, but were not able to turn it into a profitable company feel initially ripped off, but then go on to feel embarrassed/ashamed and even depressed that at the end of the day they “were full of sound and fury, meaning nothing” meaning that their great ideas without the ability to execute fully and profitably on it eats away at them.

I wonder if others have noticed examples of “visionary envy” of great implementers on the one hand and “execution envy” of great visionaries who are not able to execute on the other hand.MG