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Before I start this weeks post, I wanted to thank all of your for you amazing response and questions regarding the Bill Gates lunch (Post Title: WWBGD- What Would Bill Gates Do?). I am in the process of interviewing three of the lunch attendees who all read your questions and used them directly or indirectly when speaking with him. So please keep on the lookout for that.

This week, scanR. scanR allows you to scan, copy and fax with your camera phone. Impossible you say. Not at all.

When I return from a conference, I usually spend my first day back scanning business cards into my expensive business card scanner and then adding them to my Outlook so I can send out thank you's and such. Then I found scanR.

scanR offers the following:

  • Allows you to take a photo of a whiteboard, and have the text converted to a pdf (Whiteboards: 1 megapixel minimum photo)
  • Allows you to take a photo of a document , and have the text converted to a pdf (Documents: 2 megapixel minimum photo )
  • Allows you to take a photo of a business card, and have the text converted to a Outlook vCard (Business cards: 2 megapixel minimum photo)

Just take the photo (jpg format) and send it to the scanR email. Within minutes you will recieve an email with your ready document or vCard. From there fax or email directly to others if you choose.

scanR make it easy to capture information using camera phones. scanR's services are based on proprietary image processing and data refinement technology and are designed to work with any mobile phone platform. The founding management team comes from Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Internet Pictures and Kodak.

The cost? Only $4.99 per month or $29.99 for a 1 yr subscription. Very reasonable.

I used to take photos of whiteboards with my digital camera (you can send photos from digital cameras in as well) and then have to come home and transcribe the photo. This saves me a ton of time.

I even used it to photograph article text from a magazine I was reading. I photographed the pages and sent the translated pdf to my friend. He loved it and was amazed that I did it from my phone and all while in a doctor waiting room.

scanR is one of those tools that you never knew you needed, but can’t live without once you have it. To learn more about scanR visit: